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Cat training problems

Cat Training Problems

Cats are one of the most common household pets all over the world and only rivaled in popularity by dogs.

While dogs are very highly regarded for their loyalty and companionship, cats can be rather indifferent in their attitude towards their master. However, this is not to say that they are not affectionate at all, but can very often care primarily about their food and shelter.

Something that cats have in common with their canine counterparts however, is the fact that if not trained properly, they can be quite a handful to deal with. Cat behavioral problems can be extremely frustrating if you find it difficult to read their patterns.

Having a clear understanding about why a cat acts in a certain way will significantly help you get the cat to behave more domesticated. First and foremost, it is important to understand the fact that cats are very independent animals and will not demand as much attention as dogs – making it that much harder to train them. One of the biggest cat training problems is the fact that most cats are not convinced that actually paying any sort of heed to your requests is going to be beneficial to it in any way. The main focus should be on showing the cat that any good or commendable behavior is extremely pleasurable and rewarding. As always, avoid any kind of punishment or physical force when trying to show the cat that you do not like a certain action as this will only serve to make the cat act even more aloof to your requests. Any good behavior that is rewarded will allow the cat to see the difference in your behavior towards it and encourage it to behave that way more often.

Cat behavior problems stem from the fact that they are very mischievous animals, causing them to commit a number of crimes, but are rarely caught in the act by their owners – something which can become extremely frustrating for the master. Showing the cat the shredded drapery is not really going to help the cat see what is wrong, although it is a very commonly used method. Given the cats largely unpredictable nature, it is no surprise to see that aggression may be an aspect of the animal’s behavior that you want to curb. Most aggression from cats is seen in the way they use their rather sharp claws to scratch and maim their targets. The only way to curb this behavior is to make sure that you develop a rather respectful relationship with your pet with a significant level of understanding.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010