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Dog arthritis

Dog Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder wherein a person or an animal's joints happen to inflamed.

This can lead to a lot of pain. Dog arthritis is a surprisingly common problem. It is beloved that one fifth of the dogs have to deal with pain as well as disability which in turn is due to canine arthritis. A common fallacy is the conviction that it's only the older dogs that suffer from canine arthritis. The fact is that arthritis can strike your dog at virtually any age.

All pets have to be prepared such that they can deal with winter when the arthritis symptoms usually get worse. This can cause a lot more pain.

Dog Arthritis Symptoms

Try and observe your dog very carefully. What usually happens is that he or she will try to relieve pressure on the afflicted limb by not refusing to put much pressure on it. This is typically because of soreness in the limbs.

Remember that dog arthritis symptoms are varied. Dogs could deal with pain in different ways. They could show signs of aggression or even depression. Personality changes may also be observed. Your dog could find it difficult to perform routine actions such as getting up or going up stairs. Lameness is a danger sign. Often what shows is stiffness in the legs or gait. Arthritis could also be a sign of Degenerative Joint Disease.

Dog Arthritis Causes

Arthritis in dogs can be caused by certain diseases of the muscle, the ligament and even the tendon. Sometimes congenital disorders can be the culprit. Obesity and other dietary and hormonal imbalances can eventually lead to canine arthritis. This increases pressure on your dog's joins which can lead to a lot of pain. Different infections can ultimately lead to arthritis. Winter which brings along with it its cold chilly winds can increase your dog's discomfort. The different possible causes necessitates a visit to the vet for proper diagnosis. Remember that although arthritis is progressive, it can have an effect on dogs of just about any age. Dog arthritis treatment would depend on the cause. Your vet will thoroughly examine your dog to determine the cause and course of treatment. This may involve not only x-rays but also different blood tests. The owner and the veterinarian will have to come together to work out treatment options. Along with medication, he or she may suggest certain exercises, ways to get your dog to lose some weight and dietary modification. Sometimes massage and certain kinds of physical therapy can prove to be helpful.


  Submitted on May 20, 2010  

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