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Ringworm In Dogs

Ringworm In Dogs - Information on Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies For Ringworm In Dogs

Ringworm, unlike its name, is actually a fungal infection in dogs.

This is not caused by ringworms which is another infection in humans. This infection produces ring-shaped lesions and is very common. Most dogs and their owners eventually develop immunity to this infection. Two different types of fungus cause ringworm in dogs – microsporum canis and microsporum gyesum.

Causes of Ringworm In Dogs

There are many different causes of ringworm in dogs including spores, other infected pets, dust, environment, unclean grooming tools or even a weakened immunity system for the dog. All these factors can lead to a dog getting infected by ringworm. Puppies, more than dogs, are prone to infection. Dogs with compromised immune systems or weakened systems due to chronic disease can also contract ringworm.

Signs and Symptoms of Ringworm In Dogs

Symptoms of ringworm in dogs are primarily round, hairless skin lesions that can occasionally become crusty.

These lesions could be itchy and you should discourage your dog from itching them as his nails could transfer the spores increasing infection. Signs of ringworm in dogs include visible spotting of the scabs and lesions. A detailed examination of these lesions can lead to a diagnosis of ringworm. The bald spots are a common indication but it is not always necessary for a dog to sport lesions even if he carries the fungus of the infection.

Treatment for Ringworm In Dogs

Depending on the severity of the infection, the treatment for ringworm in dogs differs. Antibiotics and medicated creams and shampoos are often prescribed. Shampoos for such conditions contain lime sulphur which helps heal the scabs. If it is a heavy-coated dog, the trimming of the fur is often recommended so that the healing can be properly observed. Remember to finish the entire course of treatment for the dog even if it feels like the infection is getting better.

Home Remedies for Ringworm In Dogs

As ringworm for dogs is more a skin infection, taking basic precautions at home can make a big difference. Home remedies for ringworm in dogs include feeding the dog well, with rich food and lots of nutrients so as to help the dog build immunity. You can also ask your vet to prescribe some multivitamins for your dog.

Ensure that you wash and clean the dog’s bedding regularly, especially through the treatment. Vacuum all your furniture to remove all traces of the spores. Restrict the move of your infected pets till he is completely cured. Keep track of your dog’s movements and avoid him from going into dusty corners or dirty bins on his walks.

  Submitted on February 14, 2012  

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