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Dog depression

Canine Depression Causes, Treatments

Dogs have fairly extraordinarily emotional existences.

This can be seen in very many ways, for example from the pet exhibiting good and bad behavior to their affectionate play to their Velcro dog syndrome, wherein the  pet will not leave their owner’s side.
When the pets experience any sudden change, this can upset the existing balance in the dog’s lives, just they way it does in human’s lives. Some of the dog depression causes can include the loss of a fellow dog or the loss of a beloved owner human can also be a largely emotional obstacle for the dog. Experiencing any kind of trauma, like an injury or maybe an attack from another dog or any other animal, can also be the trigger factor in dog depression.

Even any change in the weather condition can set off some mild form of the blues. This is especially so for those dogs who love the outdoors and miss the play time outside. The severity of canine depression varies greatly.

This mainly depends on the dog and the dog’s ability to cope. Some of the dog depression symptoms include lethargy, excessive sleeping by the dog, signs of clinginess that the dog exhibits for its owners, loss of appetite, a sudden change in personality type, day from being a cheerful dog to a quite, reticent one. Other symptoms include whining and maybe even weight loss. Dogs do have days when they may be bored or just lazy. But if they exhibit any of the other symptoms mentioned over a period of time, then they should definitely be checked for depression.

Some of the dog depression treatments and remedies include giving the dog extra amounts of love and affection. Deal patiently with the dog and it just might bounce back fast enough to their normal emotional footing. Some of the other ways to deal with this condition is by keeping aside extra time for play with the dog. Take more frequent walks with one’s pet and spend more time playing the dog’s favorite activity. Get the dog some new kind of toy to play with or take it to a doggy park where it can meet lots of other fellow canines. If the depression has been brought on due to the loss of a play fellow, then the owner can consider getting a new playmate. If the depression still does not lift then it may be time to take the dog to see a veterinarian. They will probably do some check ups and ensure that there is no underlying medical condition.

  Submitted on March 30, 2010  

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