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Dog tumors

Dog tumors, causes, symptoms and treatment for osteosarcoma and lymphoma

Just like humans, dogs too develop tumors, cancers and dog cysts.

Development of cancers and tumors in the mammary glands, bone, skin and connective tissues is quite common in dogs. Also common are dog brain tumors and dog limpomas which are benign tumors caused by the fat deposits dogs may often have under their skin.

Dog tumor symptoms are very often similar to the symptoms in humans. There is rapid tissue degeneration.

If the tumors are inside the abdomen, they are difficult to diagnose. However, tumors if diagnosed on time and treated immediately, can be cured completely.

The causes of cancers in dogs have not been studied as thoroughly as some of the other common ailments. The exact causes of the cancers are therefore not known.

This makes the prevention of cancers, a very tough task.

Following are some of the common tumors found in dogs.

Osteosarcoma: The most common tumor is that of the bones; every year thousands of dogs are detected with it every year. The incidence is higher in male dogs of larger breeds. The tumors usually form around the shoulders and the wrists of the dogs. Hind legs and joints could also be affected by this tumor. With the occurrence of a couple of large tumors, several small tumors, spread all over the body, can also appear. Usually these small tumors are difficult to detect and are not diagnosed on time because of which in most cases, the only alternative to save the dog is amputation of the limb. However, as medical science develops, there are other alternatives surfacing. Though these alternatives have not really caught on yet, limbs can be spared but this depends on the bone that is affected.

Lymphoma: Lymphoma, another common cancer in dogs, can occur anywhere in the entire body. This tumor is quite dangerous as it is seldom benign. This usually affects the lymph nodes and when the dogs are in remission, chemotherapy is the suggested treatment for them. Since the lymph nodes are present under the jaw, around the shoulder and in the armpits and the groin, these are the sites where the incidence of tumors in dogs is the highest.

Mast cell tumors: Another common type of skin tumors found in dogs are mast cell tumors. Most of these tumors grow only in places on the body. However, some of these may grow and spread to the other parts of the body. Though a biopsy is the best treatment, it is usually preceded by surgery and treatment for gaining local control of the tumor. Radiation and chemotherapy are used for this purpose.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010  

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