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Yeast infection in dogs

Yeast Infection in Canine:

Yeast is a single cell organism that is found on the surface of all living things including humans and dogs.

Most yeast is present on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and one family called the candida albicans and consumes substances such as sugar and fats in order to survive. A healthy immune system in a dog is able to keep the yeast under control or even destroy them.  It is also very common to notice the development of a yeast infection in dogs’ ears.

More often than not, this is the result of the buildup of disruptive yeast in the outer ear canal while parasites that feed on the blood vessels present in the dog’s ears, such as mites could also be blamed. The type of yeast most commonly found in ear infections is called malasezzia and, while it has only become known to the scientific world for the last couple of decades, studies show that it has been around for much longer.

Symptoms, Causes of Ear Yeast Infection in Canine:


Very often, dogs suffering from yeast infections in their ears are likely to also have skin lesions and sores. The sores are usually red and will also be accompanied by areas of increased pigmentation, scaliness, greasiness and significant amount of hair loss. The sores are most likely to be present around the underside of the belly, neck and on the feet. The animal will also suffer from intense bouts of itching, resulting in frequently scratching the yeast infection, and will give out a musty odor. While there are a number of factors that could contribute to turning the naturally occurring organism yeast into a disease causing agent, it can be significantly enticed to do so if the host’s immune system has been impaired and is susceptible. Candida also secretes enzymes that destroy membrane integrity which then leads to dysfunction. Some toxins are secreted that activate the immune system, overload the liver and deposit in the tissues of the body.

Treatments for Dog Ear Yeast Infection:


To cure yeast infection in dogs, proper cleaning of the ear is essential. The use of acetic acid could prove to be very beneficial when attempting to remove dirt and substances from the ear and is highly recommended by most veterinarians all over the world.  You could also apply some essential oils such as olive oil in order to prevent the infection from reoccurring. Trimming off some of the hair from the ear will help reduce the chances of bacteria and other parasites have to attack the delicate ears of the pet.
  Submitted on January 22, 2010  

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