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Dog licking foot

Dog Licking Foot

A dog licking its foot may be an indication of a lesion and the constant biting and licking of the feet is the dog’s way of trying to alleviate the pain.

If the dog is licking just one foot most of the times then it could be an indication of a localized lesion in the form of a small cut or a cyst. However if the dog is licking or pawing at both feet then it may be possible that the dog has developed a coetaneous allergy and in such cases the dog will be required to undergo various tests such as biopsies, blood tests, and so on.

A dog licking his foot constantly may also result in the dog developing dermatitis, which occurs when the dog constantly licks one part of its body to the extent that he manages to rid that particular part of his body of any fur and as time passes, the skin will develop an ulcer and will also turn into a bulge and change color. There are many causes of excessive licking such as parasites, pain and also various types of allergies.

In order to diagnose the exact cause of the dog licking its feet one may have to investigate the entire medical history of the dog.

Dog licking foot home remedy and treatment firstly depends on the cause of the licking and may vary from creams, ointments or even behavior therapy in case of psychological problems. Sometimes the dog may also get uncomfortable and lick its paw continuously because of a spiked seed or a splinter that gets stuck in the toes of the dog and in time it may go further into the dog’s skin. This may result in the formation of a painful irritating lump or a cyst, which will sometimes pop by itself thereby releasing the foreign object. A dog licking its feet because of cyst should be referred to the vet immediately as it can be very painful and the dog may also have to be given some antibiotic injections to prevent any infection from occurring on account of the foreign object. There are also various diseases, besides allergies that may cause the dog to lick its paws constantly and these include cancer, behavioral problems, mange and other such infections. Sometimes a dog licking its paws on account of an allergic reaction bothering him can be provided with some relief by soaking the dog’s paw pads in some Epsom salts for 5-10 minutes up to 4 times a day.

  Submitted on September 1, 2010  

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