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Viral Enteritis In Dogs

Viral Enteritis In Dogs - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment For Canine Viral Enteritis


What is Viral Enteritis In Dogs?

Viral enteritis in dogs, also known as canine viral enteritis, refers to an inflammation in the intestinal tract that is caused by a virus.

There are different types of virus that could lead to this condition, some of which include Reo-virus, Astro-virus, Corona-virus, Entero-virus, Herpes-virus and Parvovirus. This condition in dogs can range from being mild to severe.

Although viral enteritis in dogs can affect all breeds, sizes and ages, it has been seen that puppies and older dogs are more susceptible to it. Moreover, dogs that have a weakened immune system due to illnesses or other such factors are also more vulnerable than healthy dogs.

Dog Viral Enteritis Causes

It is very easy for a dog to get infected, upon swallowing the particles that bear the virus. In addition to that, it is also possible for dogs to come into direct contact with saliva, vomit or feces that have been infected. Other ways in which this virus can be transported or carried around include the clothing, insects, feeding utensils, birds and shoes. Because these viruses can survive in the environment for months together, it is quite easy for dogs to get infected with viral enteritis.

Dog Viral Enteritis Symptoms

Since the viruses that lead to this condition attack the lining of the intestinal tract, they destroy a few parts of the villi, thereby triggering off certain signs and symptoms. Given below are some of the most common symptoms of viral enteritis in dogs:

• Damage to the heart muscle
• Diarrhea
• Loss of appetite
• Depression
• The presence of blood in the stools
• Nausea and vomiting
• Fever

As soon as any of the symptoms mentioned above become evident, it is important to pet owners to consult a veterinarian. Since these symptoms can be seen in other conditions too, it may be necessary for the dog to undergo certain tests, to confirm the presence of canine viral enteritis, before beginning the treatment. In most cases, a blood test will be required.

Dog Viral Enteritis Treatment

When dogs suffer from canine viral enteritis, it is rarely possible for them to keep any food or medication down. Therefore, the dog may need to be hospitalized, so that intravenous fluid and medication can be administered. Some of the medication used by doctors, to cure viral enteritis in dogs includes antibiotic injection, anti-emetic injection and anti diarrhea medication.

It is absolutely essential for all pet owners to get any instances of viral enteritis in dogs checked as early as possible.


  Submitted on December 15, 2011  

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