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Cat chew toys

Toys for Cats


Cats are very lovable and affectionate pets.

However they can be quite a nuisance when they chew on everything, right from your shoes to carpets, cushions, wires and curtains in your house. This is quite a serious problem as it not only damages your family valuables but can also be dangerous to the cat. In order to discourage this behavior many cat owners use a bitter apple spray on the household things their cats love chewing.

You can also offer them other alternatives such as chewy cat toys that are available in the market.

Having a cat as a pet is a lot like having a child. Just as you would enjoy buying a child toys, you will feel the same when you see you cat play with these toys. These are a few of the most famous play alone and interactive cat toys available:

  • Kitten Mitten is another interactive toy used especially when training your cat.

    One of the first rules when training your kitten is, “hands are not toys” hence this toy helps a lot when trying to enforce that rule. It also protects your hands from unwanted scratches. Cat charmer an interactive toy which can be made out of recycled stuff lying around your house. All you need is a long string of some fabric and an adjustable rod for the wand. Attach the string to the wand. Then watch your cat go crazy trying to get a hold of the string as you wiggle it in the air or trail it on the floor.
  • The Laser pet toy is one toy both cats and dogs can spend hours chasing around. Just remember to be careful never to shine the laser beam directly into your cat's eyes.
  • DaBird is one of the most interactive toys your cat will love playing with.
  • Toy mice are one of the toys that your cat will never get bored playing with. It will spend hours battling and killing them and then loosing them under the couch or in one of your boots. Just remember to get rid of any attachments like buttons for eyes or glued on ears and tails as your cat may end up swallowing them.
  • Mylar balls are one of the toys you will enjoy with your cat. Most cats are attracted to shiny toys. These balls can provide hours of chasing fun and if you are patient you could develop a game of fetch.


  Submitted on March 23, 2010