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Cat eye care

Feline Eye Care:

Most people notice that cats and other pets tend to have a lot of trouble with their eyes and that cat eye care is very important when caring for a cat.

This is because with a cat eye infection such as conjunctivitis is also a common occurrence. In many cases, cats have minor infections and what is commonly noticed is the thick matter which is seen around the cat’s eye or eyes. It is mostly viral and bacterial cat eye infections that one encounters.

Look for symptoms such as this common appearance of matter or cloudiness which is seen in the cat’s eyeball or tear stains. One should be wary of any kind of unusual discharge which appears around the eye. There are different kinds of cat eye problems and some of these are simply genetic.

For instance, there is a condition wherein your cat has watery eyes. Usually this is seen by the stained fur which is near the eye and this inherited cat eye problem is a natural one. Essentially what has happened is a problem with the tear duct which has the basic task of halting regular flow of tears. Cataract is another possibility with cats as is the cat eye problem glaucoma. Cat eye care in this cause would require a veterinarian’s advice since such eye problems are typically dealt with by means of surgery. If you have any doubts about the cat’s eye infection or if you find that the cat eye problem does not abate after trying out options for treating it at home, a veterinarian should be consulted.

There are all sorts of medication in different forms such as ointments and drops for various cat eye problems. One can check with the veterinarian about cat eye care in response to different situations. Typically each problem would entail cleansing of the eye area before applying the different medicines. One might also require help when trying to position your cat for the administration of the eye medication as cats are rarely cooperative in this respect. There could be other problems such as a scratched eye which would also require a careful approach and cleaning the eye. Usually saline solutions are used when dealing with cat eye problems. In most cases, dealing with such cat eye problems has a recovery period wherein an Elizabethan collar would prove useful by not allowing the cat to further damage the eye by scratching it.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010