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Cat dental care

Cat Dental Hygiene

An early and well planned cat dental care program will help protect your cat’s teeth for life.

This will also protect many other organs as harmful bacteria from an oral cavity can infect the lungs, liver, heart and kidneys. Cat teeth care is important as it prevents diseases like Feline Stomatitis. Feline Odontoclastic Oral Resorption Lesions, Malocclusion and Periodontal disease.

A regular cat oral care routine should be started early with kittens. If possible, brush daily and at least twice a week.

Special cat sized toothbrushes are available, including one that slips over your index finger. Tuna soaked toothbrushes are available too. Especially pet flavored toothpastes make the experience more enjoyable. Begin with one tooth initially and as the kitten gets used to it, add more teeth each day. Antiseptic dental gels, sprays and rinses are also available for cats that already have dental problems or tender mouths.

Rinsing helps clean and protect the teeth on days when you cannot brush their teeth.
Fish or poultry flavored dental chews are also on offer. These have an abrasive texture and help remove plaque and food debris from your cat’s mouth. Raw chicken wings do this as well.

Dog Oral Care at Home

Tips to keep in mind while doing an oral examination at home are: use your index finger and thumb to spread the side of his mouth open. Look for plaque (yellow) or tartar (darker material). Check for cracked or broken teeth. The gums should be a healthy pink - not pale or an angry red. Look into the back of the throat for redness. If your cat seems uncomfortable stop immediately and try again another day. Reward your cat with a dental treat once the procedure is over. When your cat is familiar with this practice, make it more regular - at least once a month. Bleeding at the gums or unpleasant bad breath can signify serious dental problems. Ensure that you take your cat to the vet for a proper check up. Remember to get your cat’s teeth checked at her annual veterinary checkup. If she has a dental problem, take her for oral check ups at least twice a year.

Good dental health is very important for cats. Taking care of your cat’s teeth from the very beginning will ensure that your cat enjoys his later years with all his teeth intact. You will also be spared the pain of seeing him suffer from diseases that result from poor dental care.

  Submitted on April 8, 2010