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Sick cat care

Sick Cat Care

Proper care is necessary when your cat is sick to nurse him/her back to health.

When your cat is sick, he/she may need special care and attention. The most important aspect of sick cat care is to have a proper health care routine. A cat health care routine involves keeping a constant tab on your cat’s health to help prevent common diseases.

Ensure that you take your cat to his/her veterinarian for frequent health checks. This will help you ascertain your cat’s individual health requirements. Assessing your cat’s individual health requirements is important as it will help you determine whether or not he/she needs to be treated for specific allergies or disorders and whether any vaccination is required and of what nature.

In addition, assessing your cat’s health needs will also help you plan his/her diet. You can modify your cat’s diet to address any nutritional deficiencies and can avoid those foods that cause allergies and irritation. Moreover, your cat’s diet may require some modifications if he/she is under a certain kind of medication. For instance, certain medications may require your cat to be on diet food while others may require food that is high in protein, minerals and vitamins to help speed up recovery. You can care for your sick cat at home with the help of the following tips. In addition to following a proper cat health care routine, ensure that you give your cat his/her medications regularly.

Ensure that you only give your cat medication that has been prescribed and after a proper diagnosis has been established by your veterinarian. In addition, monitor your cat to make sure that he/she is not reacting adversely to the medication. If the symptoms for which your cat is being treated do not subside and if his/her condition worsens, then discontinue the particular medication immediately and contact your veterinarian. While caring for sick cats, ensure that you give them plenty of water to drink along with their everyday diet. If your sick cat has a poor appetite, then you can flavor the water to help make it more palatable for him/her. Your cat may even experience difficulty in eating solid and dry food and may need to be kept on a soft diet. While caring for a sick cat, you may also have to feed him/her as it may be difficult for your sick cat to carry out this activity independently.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010