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Cat housing

Housing for Cat:

Just like dogs, cats also need their own housing space to be comfortable, especially if you prefer that your cat remains outside your house.

Cats that stay inside the house are prone to eating a lot of food just out of boredom. Such cats tend to become obese, and are therefore highly susceptible to health conditions related to obesity. Obesity is often a problem with cats, and as a result many pet owners put their cats outside so that they get regular exercise.

Along with keeping the cat outside your house comes the responsibility of making sure it is safe and protected.

A lot of care should be taken when building a cat house for your cat. You will first need to create a plan for your cat. If your cat is rather small, you will not need a big house, like those required for large breeds of dogs. However, the cat house should have room enough for the cat to stand, stretch, and move about.

The cat house should be comfortable enough for your pet to feel secure outdoors.

If you feel that you will not be able to draw a plan for cat house by yourself, you can also buy a cat house plan. The size of the cat house is very important. If the cat house is very large, the cat will have a lot of room to move around but the house will remain cold, especially in colder temperatures. On the other hand, if you make a small house for your cat, it may be very snug, but the cat may not have enough room to move about. It will not be comfortable in the house as a result.

The size of the house should be large enough for the cat to be comfortable and small enough for it to be warm and secure. Apart from making sure that the size of the cat house is appropriate, also have suitable ventilation in the house. The plan should have proper measures for protecting the cat from changing weather. If you are building the house yourself, buy good quality material which is strong and sturdy. Different material has different properties like insulation and strength. Discuss each of these materials with an engineer before buying them. Another important decision to take is the cat house should be fixed outside the house or if it should be portable.

If you don’t want to build a house yourself, you can buy one from a store. A small dog house can also be used to house your cat.

  Submitted on February 9, 2010