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Cat massaging

Massaging a Cat:

To forge a stronger and more meaningful relationship with your pet, you may have to spend time with it physically.

Giving your cat a massage is a great way to forge a strong relationship with your pet and achieve this goal. This is an extremely enjoyable activity for both you and your pet. It also serves another purpose.

When you are massaging your cat in this manner, it also helps you to look for abnormalities in your cat’s fur. You can even check for any skin infections, abnormalities, or tumors that your kitty may be suffering from.

How to Massage Cat:

A regular massage also improves your cat’s circulation and helps the different organs of the body work more effectively.

To give your cat a massage, start off by first gently resting your hands on the body of your cat. This touch comforts your kitty and calms it, thereby building a deeper trust between you and the cat. If you know all the areas on your cat’s body where it likes to be touched, focus on those areas when you begin your massage. The typical areas that a cat prefers are behind the ears, and across its back, neck, and head. If you do not know on which of the areas of its body your cat likes to be massaged, you can probably begin with these areas before moving on to others.

Stroke your cat very gently; use both your fingers and your palms and run them all over the fur to warm up the tissues and encourage the flow of blood. Start off from the back and work your way towards the shoulders of the cat. Assume a kneading motion, and by using your palms, fingers and thumbs, massage in a circular motion, kneading the cat’s body and stroking it gently.

If your cat enjoys it, you can also stroke its belly. This is a very pleasurable action for the cat and it enjoys the action thoroughly. However, test the cat first while beginning the massage; if your cat does not enjoy the massage, it could claw at you instead. You can alternatively tickle the cat behind its ears as well. If the cat is lying on its back, massage the legs; flex each of the paws of the cat and rub the pads of the paws. These paw pads are extremely sensitive. Therefore, make sure that your nails do not come in contact with the paw pads.

  Submitted on February 9, 2010