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Natural cat care

Natural Feline Care:

More and more owners are turning to natural cat care for various reasons such as cost effectiveness and pet health.

It is not just cat health care that is leaning towards natural cat care. The approach is broader to include holistic cat care which also looks at daily care. This approach essentially entails grooming, feeding and caring for your cat with the use of natural remedies which are thought to be best for the cat.

Natural cat care can focus on grooming as a way of ensuring the cat’s health to a certain extent. This would involve things like brushing and massaging the cat from time to time, which can go a long way in helping with hairballs. One should be wary about administering natural cat care remedies if these are the ones designed for human use.

This is because cat health care is very different and the home remedies which could work for us could possibly injure the animal. This is particularly true for home remedies which people use from the kitchen for consumption as these are often not properly digested by a cat. Different situations call for different natural cat care methods and it would be best to evaluate your cat health care options. For instance, in the case of diarrhea your cat could benefit from dietary changes. One approach would be to not offer the cat dairy products since these might lead to further digestive trouble. One could also take the fasting approach or could offer bland rice mixture or some other home food to ease the cat’s digestive system. Other cat problems would require different holistic solutions and problems like fleas remind owners that holistic care is important. This is because not only would one have to find a way to eliminate fleas on the cat but would also have to do the same for the entire household.

One has to understand that cat health care as well as general care extends beyond home care and it is best to include a veterinarian. Your cat has a much better chance of being healthier if you allow the veterinarian to address serious cat health issues and ailments. Furthermore, veterinarian care would be important because a veterinarian can notice early symptoms of diseases affecting cats and can treat these earlier. Vaccinations and other medications are more reasons why veterinarian care for cats must not be avoided. In fact, it is mostly mandatory that your cat receive certain shots in places across the globe.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010