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Herbs for cat

Herbal Cures for Cat:

While one will find myriad cat herbal treatments, it is important to approach these with caution.

Cats are intrinsically different from us and while most of us are able to take numerous herbal remedies with few side effects, these are simply not meant for cats. Fresh herbs are a bad idea since your cat would be unable to properly digest the same. Cats and other pets simply react differently to herbs and other kinds of remedies that might be immensely beneficial to us.

For us, even external herbal applications are relatively harmless or helpful, but our cats could suffer a reaction to the same. There is the added danger of your cat licking the skin where the herbal remedy has been applied and thus consuming it internally. This could lead to further feline complications and would negate whatever little benefit the external herbal application might have had.

For a lot of people, the word ‘herbal’ is immediately equated with ‘safe’ and ‘wholesome’ without actually looking at the herbal product they are purchasing, the other ingredients and the use of the product. People do this with herbal products for themselves and they extend this thinking to herbal products for cats and other pets. Individual cases must be examined, and herbal applications for one’s cat must be determined with the aid of the veterinarian.

Herbal remedies for cat vary and would generally be considered inadvisable unless your cat’s veterinarian approves them. However, you could consider using certain herbs in different forms such as oils and for certain kinds of external use. For instance, if your cat requires some soothing, a few drops of lavender oil can help calm the cat, if placed on a cloth and offered to the cat to sniff. It can also be immensely beneficial if you too are facing stress and such a cloth may be placed around your cat’s sleeping area. It might also be safe to use certain other herbs, such as nettle, for your cat but actual use would depend on the individual case. When dealing with any kind of cat trouble, remember that a consultation with the veterinarian would be important before resorting to herbs and home remedies for cat as you would with a human patient. The difference between our constitution and theirs is vast and it would do more harm to use similar herbs and home remedies. Thus, discretion would be advisable for use of herbs for cats in all their forms.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010