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Home remedies for cat

Remedies for Cat Health Care:

Taking care of a cat involves a lot of home care but the problem is that home remedies for the usual ailments which might work on us, would not necessarily work on your cat.

Furthermore there is the danger that your cat might have some kind of reaction to the use of home remedies that you would normally use on yourself. Home remedies taken internally are a problem here since a cat would not have the same digestive capabilities that you would. While a lot of pet owners would then conclude that external home remedies for cats would be a safe bet, there is the factor of self-grooming which comes into the picture.

This would mean that the cat licks the home remedies you apply on his or her body and thus ingests the remedy that you wanted to apply externally only. For reasons such as these, veterinarians caution cat owners on the indiscriminate use of home remedies for various feline ailments. When taking care of your cat, talk to the veterinarian about likely common ailments that the cat breed would have and home remedies for the same.

It could help to make a note of the health problems that your pet cat has had and the home remedies that your veterinarian has recommended for the same.

Different cat ailments and emergency situations would call for different home treatments for cats. In addition to this, home remedies for cats could mean a combination of remedies to tackle specific symptoms. For instance, if you notice cat hair loss, it would be important to find out more about this symptom. If you notice that this thinning of hair happens to be in an area on your cat’s body where he or she constantly worries by licking or scratching and the like, there is a possibility of bites from a parasite. There is also a likelihood of a hot spot which has been caused on account of stress. Then these two possibilities would be subject to further investigation and home remedies. For instance, your cat would have to be treated for fleas at home, using a veterinarian recommended flea product. At the same time, home care requires that your house too be subject to flea treatment. One has to remember that cats might need different care than we do and that it could be easy to miss symptoms or confuse them. This is why your cat’s vet should be informed if the home remedies used do not result in the abatement of your cat’s symptoms.
  Submitted on May 7, 2010