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Cat habitat

Cat Habitat:

When considering habitat for cats, it is important to remember that different breeds are likely to thrive in different habitats.

Before adopting or getting a new kitten or cat home, it is important that you research the breed in every way. This would mean getting basic information about diet, potential cat health care problems and the like.

It would also mean looking up the cat housing, with respect to environmental considerations as well as restrictions such as space. For instance, cat lovers may make the mistake of bringing a cat which is unused to cold weather live in a house where the air-conditioning is switched on all the time.

The cat breed would not have natural protection against the cold and would be likely to suffer as a result. The converse is also true where a cat with a lot of fur and insulation has to suffer in the heat all because the owner decided he or she would like an exotic looking cat with lots of fur. Getting a cat without consideration of the habitat for the cat would be nothing short of cruelty. For this reason, one should look up the cat breed habitat and consider the natural environment that the cat has been used to. While it would be exciting to have a rare cat breed to show to one’s friends, the cat may simply not be suited to one’s current habitation. It is important not only to take into consideration the kind of weather that you are usually faced with but also the kind of conditions that are prevalent in your dwelling. This is because while the cat might be suited to the natural environment outside, it might not be suited to the living conditions such as temperature and sun exposure at home.

One would also need to consider the activity levels that would be considered usual for the cat and pick a cat that would adjust to the one’s current accommodation. Some cat owners have the luxury of being able to let their cat outside to romp around in comfort or they have the space for supervised play. Other pet lovers might find that their cat’s movements would be restricted to the apartment. Talk to a veterinarian and look at breeds of cats which might be able to adjust to the manner of living that you are accustomed to. A good fit between the cat and the habitat would be essential.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010