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Cat travel tips

Cat Travelling Tips:

Cats can be fastidious pets but they are often relatively easy to handle once you know how.

At the same time, one has to appreciate that cats do have a mind of their own and getting them to do anything, such as travel peacefully can be tricky. A cat that is not really used to traveling can be troublesome simply because traveling is such an unknown and terrifying experience for the cat.

You would need to devise ways by which your cat can travel with relative ease and would not be unduly frightened or traumatized. It helps to find out your travel plans in advance so that you can make the necessary arrangements to ensure your cat’s safety and comfort.

The following cat travel tips should help your cat and yourself to make a journey a more pleasant one.

A cat carrier is a worthwhile investment, even on short trips and this is one option which can make your travel plans easier. Getting your cat comfortable with the carrier would require weeks of preparation such that your cat becomes familiar with it. Measures such as encouraging play and hiding treats inside ensure that the cat does not feel threatened by this carrier. Talk to your veterinarian about different medical measures needed for different modes of transportation for your cat, such as when travelling with cat by car. Your vet will help you out with measures such as ventilation, regulation of temperatures and cat medication which would help with travel sickness. Comfort levels can also be raised by using the carrier for shorter trips by the mode of transportation that you would use for your travel. Breaking your travel is important since your cat would need the exercise and refreshment stops in between. Traveling in a cat carrier might be safer for the feline, but it can get cramped and thus these breaks become very important in terms of exercise. Talk to the vet about the food requirements and a light meal would be helpful if you feed the cat at least three hours prior to the planned trip. If you have traveled with your cat before and have noticed that subsequent trips have still been unpleasant for the cat, it would be in your cat’s best interest to find a sitter or a pet service which can take cat care for you while you travel. Finding such a service would make your cat feel more secure and can go a long way in smoothing relations with your pet cat.
  Submitted on May 7, 2010