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East Siberian Laika Dog Breed, Puppies, Temperament, Info and Grooming

The East Siberian Laika is known to be a very beautiful dog breed that is very similar to a wolf in its appearance.

The East Siberian Laika breed is also favoured among dog owners as this breed is known to be very calm and even tempered as well as easy to train because  it is very intelligent and obedient. Most  of the early East Siberian Laika info states that this breed of dog was always used to hunt large games such as wild boar, elk and bear as well as pull sleds.

East Siberian Laika puppies are born with strong sense of direction which is why they are purchased and even bred for the same. The East Siberian Laika is also known to make a dependable watchdog as well as a loyal companion.

The East Siberian Laika breed is characterised by a broad skull and a wedge shaped head. This breed is known to large and strong besides beautiful.

The East Siberian Laika dog breed also tends to have a broad but slightly arched loin with a strong back. Since the East Siberian Laika breed is most found in cold and harsh weather conditions this dog is also known for its harsh and straight hair that is known to protect this breed from the elements of nature during bad weather. Additionally the undercoat of the dog is also soft, thick and wooly so as to keep it warm during the cold winters. As far as the temperament of the East Siberian Laika dog breed is concerned they are known to have a well balanced demeanour and are also known to be distrustful of strangers as they are always highly alert of their surroundings. Those who intend purchasing East Siberian Laika puppies should keep in mind that this breed is mostly accustomed to the frigid and harsh temperatures of Russia and hence may not be able to survive in an apartment. However , this breed of dogs is known to get along very well with children especially if it has been raised amongst children. Since the East Siberian Laika breed is a working dog, they also need plenty of exercise. While grooming the East Siberian Laika one should keep in mind that they should not be bathed too often as this will take off the natural oils of the coat of this breed which is usually waterproof. Hence in spite of having a dense coat, they don’t require a lot of maintenance.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011