Home Remedy For Dog Conjunctivitis | Home Remedies For Dog Pink Eye

Home Remedy for Dog Conjunctivitis

Just like human beings, dogs too can suffer from conjunctivitis, which is also known as pink eye. Conjunctivitis in dogs is quite similar to humans, as the infection affects the mucus membranes around the eyes, causing the eyes to feel extremely itchy and sore. The whites of the eye usually turn pink and the flesh surrounding the eye swells. At times, the symptoms of this condition are more subtle. Your dog could be producing a higher amount of tears, may flinch, wince or squint without any apparent reason or may just want to sleep all day long. Conjunctivitis can be the symptom of a problem in dogs or at times, it could also be the main problem. Therefore, if you ever realize that your dog is suffering from the pink eye, it is best to check with a doctor without any delay. A veterinarian may prescribe some antibiotic eye drops, which need to be applied every few hours. There are artificial tears, eye ointments and pills which could also be used in the treatment of this condition.

However, most pet owners prefer opting for dog conjunctivitis home remedies, in addition to conventional treatments, to speed up the healing process. Given below are some simple dog conjunctivitis home treatment options:

Organic apple cider vinegar is believed to work wonders on dogs suffering from eye infections. For a small dog, mix one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar, with a tablespoon of water and rub the mixture on the back of your pet’s neck using a piece of cotton. In some cases this home remedy for dog conjunctivitis can completely cure the problem. However, there have been many reports stating that apple cider vinegar only improves the condition, by reducing the pain and the inflammation. Wipe your pets eyes regularly, using cooled water that has already been boiled. Dip a ball of cotton wool in cold water and allow it to soak generously. Then, wipe your pet’s eyes, one by one, using different pieces of cotton for each eye. Do not leave the dog’s eyes wet; please make sure that you pat them dry. Colloidal silver has been considered an excellent home remedy for dog pink eye. It needs to be applied directly into the dog’s eyes, just like any other normal eye drops.

There are several other home remedies that can be used, to treat conjunctivitis in dogs, like essiac tea, a combination of lavender oil and chamomile tea, salt water, honey, green tea bags, honey as well as a combination of rosemary and tea tree oils. However, not all home remedies may be suitable for your dog. Before trying any home remedy for dog conjunctivitis, it is best to check it’s feasibility with a doctor.