Cow Disease Symptoms | Cattle Health Problems, Signs, Treatments

Cow Health:

Dairy cow health is an important issue among herders and breeders alike as cattle are considered to be the foundation for a multi-million dollar industry across the world. The milk or dairy industry’s future is greatly dependent upon the improvement of cattle and enhancement of livestock. In order to ensure more milk from fewer cows research studies are on To genetically enhance the efficacy of dairy cattle.
Much emphasis is being placed on genetics to improve the efficiency of dairy cattle for the production of milk and overall traits such as health without diseases.

Most cow health problems take place between lactations and is important that their caretakers ensure adequate nutrients as well as rest periods for their well being. As increasing numbers of cows are being pushed for higher production, cow health is likely to be compromised and occasional health issues such as acidosis can indicate a warning signal in the feeding system of cattle. In order to prevent the onset of cow disease or infections such as mastitis and intramammary conditions, it is important that caretakers go through a proper procedure of drying-off their cattle. Maintain a rest period between lactations as it can prevent future milk production and lactation issues. During the dry period, the cow must be put in clean and dry enclosures and must be isolated from lactating cows.

From the very start itself, a newborn calf has to face numerous challenges as it starts to live on its own. One of the most prominent challenges of a newborn calf is to find its feet and its mother’s teat, which is a good indication that it would be able to survive as sustain life. Newborn calves are usually susceptible to enteric disease or calf scours. In order to prevent calf scours caretakers must ensure minimum exposure of enteric pathogens to newborn calves. Cow health is highly dependent upon keeping cattle areas clean and ensuring that calving is maintained on a clean pasture.

One of the greatest scares of the early 90s was Mad Cow disease also referred to as bovine spongiform encephalopathy or disease of the brain. Due to its highly infectious nature and high mortality rate, cow disease gained great prominence. Mad cow disease symptoms, however are extremely frightening and given the fact that there is no treatment for the disease, it is highly impossible to cure or diagnose the condition.