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Home Remedies for Dog Cold

Canine colds should not always be taken very lightly. In fact, canine colds may often be an indication of a serious condition. The symptoms of dog cold are very similar to severe infections. The immune system of the dog may be weak and the infection may spread fast in the body. Therefore, treatment for what seems to be a common cold should be provided immediately to the dog.

Canine influenza virus, which can be quite dangerous, may be behind your dog’s runny nose. Therefore, dog runny nose treatment becomes all the more important. Canine cold symptoms as well as treatment are quite similar to that of cold in humans. Along with medication, home care is important in treating the dog’s cold. Here are some of the commonly used home remedies for treating canine cold:

  • Use vitamin C tablets for a few days to improve your dog’s immunity. This should be done as soon as the first signs of the cold are experienced. Keep giving the dog a quarter of a vitamin C tablet everyday for at least four days. Give your dog garlic and zinc supplements along with the vitamin C tablets. Consult a vet if there is no change in the dog’s condition after four days.
  • Use colloidal silver to help the dog with the cold. The dosage is usually dependant on the age and the weight of the dog. You may want to consult your vet before you begin using this remedy.
  • One of the best dog cold remedies is elderberry extract. Use this extract to reduce the symptoms of the common cold. This remedy works well with both humans and dogs. You could also use this as a preventive remedy in order to suppress the cold from remerging.
  • Discuss with your vet about other medications you can give to your dog. Usually cold medications meant for younger children are safe for dogs. However, before giving any such medication, the vet should always be consulted first.
  • You may keep a mist vaporizer near the dog’s resting place. This allows the air around the dog to be most so that the respiratory system gets some respite. If your dog has a stuffy nose, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the vaporizer. This is also an effective home remedy for dog runny nose and will give your dog immediate relief.
  • Extra boiled chicken and rice is the perfect meal for a dog who is suffering from a cold. The dog may not want to eat anything when it is sick. However, do try to make it eat something so that it regains its strength.