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How to Cook for Dog | Home Cooked Food for Dogs | Cooking for Canine

Cooking for Dog
There are a number of dog foods available in the market but if you feel that you are not confident your dog is getting the required nutrition, you can try cooking for dogs at home yourself. Before this however, it is important that you consult with your vet on what are the nutritional [...]

Dog Calorie Requirement | Calculate Calories Intake for Dogs

Dog Calorie Intake
All dog calorie requirements differ fundamentally from the human calorie requirements. There are a huge number of dogs that are overweight and also a huge number that are underweight. Most people are not aware that calorie needs for most dogs will differ depending on the individual dog. This holds true for most animals. [...]

Dog Food for Cats | Feeding Foods for Dogs to Cats

Dog Food for Cat
Many a times people tend to have both dogs and cats as pets and this tends to pose a problem during meal times. Cats by nature tend to be very finicky when it comes to food whereas dogs absolutely look forward to their meal times. Dogs tend to enjoy cat food because [...]

Dog Treats | Healthy, Natural, Homemade Treat, Recipes for Dogs

Dog Treats
Who wouldn’t like to get tasty treats? Just like us, our dogs also love to get tasty treats from us. These treats can serve as excellent reinforcement when you are training your pet or can be simply used to show your affection.

Treats are popularly given to pets to show appreciation for good behavior, as [...]

Dog Food Safety at Home | Household Dangers for Dogs

Dog Food Safety
Many dog owners are unaware that simple foods or household items may pose a serious health risk to their dog. One of the main reasons why dogs end up with digestive problems or even more long term damage is because they are fed table scraps or human food.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is an [...]

High Quality Dog Food | Natural Healthy Foods for Dogs

High Quality Foods for Dogs
Good quality food is always the most important factor in good health. The same applies for dogs as well. A dog fed with healthy dog food is likely to be in a much better condition and perhaps may even live longer than a dog that is not fed properly. Animals including [...]

Nutritional Dog Food | Nutrition for Canine Dog | Nutrients for Healthy Dog

Nutrition for Dogs
The best food for your dog is a proper diet that suits the nutritional requirements of dog.  Dogs are naturally omnivores, and while they may survive on a strict vegetarian diet, they will not thrive on it. When determining the nutrition for your dog, keep in mind that dogs need animal protein to [...]

Safe Dog Food | Healthy Recommended Diet for Dog Health Care

Best Food for Dogs
It is very important to give your pet safe dog food. You must also be very careful while selecting dog food and should keep away from toxic dog foods or foods that have toxic elements. Check with your vet and read up to find out about poisonous foods for dogs and then [...]

Top 5 Healthy, Natural Dog Food | Best Diet for Dogs

Top 5 Dog Foods
When preparing a dog food or buying one, the owner should take into account the age of the dog. A puppy’s diet and an adult dog’s diet are very different. Also dog’s that suffer from diseases and illnesses need a different diet as compared to the healthier dog. Thus all these factors [...]

Natural Dog Food Benefits | Homemade Diet Benefits for Dogs

Natural Dog Diet Advantage
There are various dog food options in the modern world. Some of these include tinned dog food, organic dog food, natural dog food, homemade dog food etc. Natural dog food is known to provide the dog with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. Some of the main benefits of natural dog food include [...]