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How to Cook for Dog | Home Cooked Food for Dogs | Cooking for Canine

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Cooking for Dog

There are a number of dog foods available in the market but if you feel that you are not confident your dog is getting the required nutrition, you can try cooking for dogs at home yourself. Before this however, it is important that you consult with your vet on what are the nutritional needs of your pet.

Most people are under the common misconception that dogs enjoy a bone the most. This can be very dangerous – especially bones of chicken, which have a tendency to splinter when bitten. The splinters can lead a dog to choke to death. When cooking homemade dog food one meal you could try is a mixture of cooked oatmeal with bits of chicken and chicken stock for flavor. This should ideally form the dogs’ breakfast. You can also substitute oatmeal for another variant of cereal, but it is ideal if there is milk and some vegetables – such as carrots, peas and beans as part of the dogs’ diet. You can also make a mixture of minced meat – chicken, mutton or beef and mix that with egg and bread crumbs. This can be fried lightly – remember not to deep fry it and serve it to the dog with gravy made of the chicken stock. Another recipe is a doggy pie – where you can take three to four cups of chicken meat and boil it with a little salt. Cook some rice separately and mix the rice with some of the chicken broth. Add the chicken meat on top of the rice and steam or bake this for about ten to fifteen minutes.

If you choose that your dog should be a vegetarian, ensure that the animal gets enough nutrients and vitamins from vegetables it consumes. Soya is a healthy substitute for meat but the dog might need to eat more often in the day as opposed to a dog that is being fed meat. If you are following the instructions of a nutritionist, then make sure that the food is cooked exactly to the said specifications. It could be that by over cooking the food, or missing on some important ingredient the dog might lose out on vital vitamins. During the day, you can also feed the dog light snacks such as carrot sticks, strips of boiled chicken, beans, liver pate on dog biscuits etc. Use oil such as flaxseed and canola to cook your dogs’ food as they are a good source of essential fatty acids.

Dog Calorie Requirement | Calculate Calories Intake for Dogs

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Dog Calorie Intake

All dog calorie requirements differ fundamentally from the human calorie requirements. There are a huge number of dogs that are overweight and also a huge number that are underweight. Most people are not aware that calorie needs for most dogs will differ depending on the individual dog. This holds true for most animals. Calorie intake of one’s dog or other pet will also differ based on the environment that the dog is living in and also the amount of exercise each animal will get. There are various guidelines and dog food recipes that are available which help in providing the daily dog calorie intake. This calorie intake will also differ depending on the stage in the dog’s life. Usually on an average the stipulated amount of calories for dogs is approximately 25 calories per each pound of the dog’s body weight. This is a daily requirement that is needed in maintaining the animal’s stable weight. Dogs that are neutered or dogs that are inactive or even dogs which live in the warmer climates are found to need lesser calorie intake. On the other hand, dogs that are working dogs or are active dogs may require a larger intake of calorie that is dependent on the amount of activity they do. The Rottweiler puppies are found to be very active puppies and thus need more calorie intake than the average other puppy. There are however also some dogs that are even smaller and weigh less than 20 pounds, but may need almost 40 calories to the pound of the dog’s body weight. Also there may be dogs that weigh more than 100 pounds but that may need only about 15 calories in a day.

It is vital that the dog owner make sure that their dog does not end up eating too much good as it can lead to the dog becoming over weight. This is especially so of the dog does not get adequate amounts of exercise. Those dogs that are overweight tend to be a lot more susceptible to the animal getting various kinds of different health problems. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to help in ensuring that the dog always remains a healthy and balanced weight. It is the owners responsibility also to ensure that the dog diet is a nutritionally balanced one and that it provides the vitamins for dog needs while at the same time being palatable.

Dog Food for Cats | Feeding Foods for Dogs to Cats

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Dog Food for Cat

Many a times people tend to have both dogs and cats as pets and this tends to pose a problem during meal times. Cats by nature tend to be very finicky when it comes to food whereas dogs absolutely look forward to their meal times. Dogs tend to enjoy cat food because it is high in proteins and calories. However cat food for dogs is not a good idea because the high protein present in cat food is not easily digested by dogs and results in them suffering from loose stools or diarrhea later. Hence it is always advisable to discourage your dog from eating cat food as cat food is specially prepared keeping in mind the metabolism of cats which is very different in dogs. Dogs that eat cat food very often are known to gain weight excessively and even miss out on vital nutrients which are present in dog food. Dogs by nature eat both plants and meat whereas cats eat only meat, hence while consuming cat food; dogs miss out on the vitamins obtained from plants.

Similarly although cats are fussy eaters, there have been cases wherein cats are also known to consume dog food if it is easily available. One of the vital ingredients in cat food is taurine which is not present in dog food. Hence dog food for cats is a risky option as it deprives the cat of vital taurine which in turn results in heart problems and other serious health issues down the line. When dogs and cats live together and eat each other’s foods the end result is an obese dog and a thin or malnourished cat. One of the ways to prevent your dog from eating cat food is to place the food at a height. Cats are excellent jumpers and hence will be able to reach the food but this won’t be possible for dogs. However this solution is more suitable for cats that are young rather than older cats. Another option to stop cats from eating dog food is to train your dog to eat all its food fast so that it is not lying around for the cat to access. This can be achieved by taking away the food bowl as soon as the dog stops eating and moves away from the bowl. Another harmful consequence of cats eating dog food is the deficiency of arachidonic acid which is not present in dog food but is added as a supplement in cat food.

Dog Treats | Healthy, Natural, Homemade Treat, Recipes for Dogs

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Dog Treats

Who wouldn’t like to get tasty treats? Just like us, our dogs also love to get tasty treats from us. These treats can serve as excellent reinforcement when you are training your pet or can be simply used to show your affection.

Treats are popularly given to pets to show appreciation for good behavior, as reinforcements, and even for just being a valuable companion. There are a variety of treats available in the market. However, it is important to choose the right kind of treats for your pet which can make it feel both healthy and happy.

Dog treats are available in many different shapes, sizes and flavors. Treats can be hard and crunchy or soft and mushy. However, it is important to make sure that the treats you get for your dog are of a size which is right for your dog. A brand which offers high quality hygienic food should be preferred over other brands.
Soft, chewy treats are also available in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes. These treats are useful during training due to their pleasing taste and texture. Use small sizes during training for immediate gratification. Choose a brand that meets the same standards as high-quality dog foods.

Dog treats can be of the hard or soft variety, but apart from that, there are also freeze dried and jerky treats. Trends have shown that dogs prefer jerky treats and frozen dried tidbits. These are usually made up of chunks of meat or parts of poultry, liver or seafood. Since their flavors are extremely desirable, they are preferred for being used while training the dog.

It is also common to see treats which are shaped like a bone. These are hard and chewy treats, which though not made from actual bones of animals, may taste similar as they contain animal matter. Dental chews also contain other ingredients like corn starch and other materials which are easily digested. Though these chewy treats cannot injure the dog, they can cause gastrointestinal problems if they are not chewed properly and therefore only small sized treats of these kinds should be given to the dog. However, since these treats have to be chewed well to be digested properly, they are considered excellent for dental health. Pieces of fruit can serve as natural dog treats. You an also make some homemade dog treats using ingredients from your kitchen. You can make some homemade treats and store them over a longer period too.

Dog Food Safety at Home | Household Dangers for Dogs

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Dog Food Safety

Many dog owners are unaware that simple foods or household items may pose a serious health risk to their dog. One of the main reasons why dogs end up with digestive problems or even more long term damage is because they are fed table scraps or human food.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is an extremely unsafe dog food on account of the presence of a chemical in cocoa called theobromine. Theobromine is known to bring on seizures in dogs, internal bleeding or even heart attacks and if consumed in large quantities may also be fatal. Garlic and onions are also not considered as safe dog food as they cause the red blood cells to break down thus resulting in hemolytic anemia in dogs. Grapes, Nuts and raisins are all considered as toxic dog food as they may cause the dog to choke if not swallowed properly and may also result in the formation of bladder stones.

Similarly there are also many other household dangers for dogs such as anti freeze which tends to smell and taste good to dogs but is highly toxic for them resulting in death if consumed in significant quantities. Dog safety at home may also be compromised if household items like plant food, fertilizers, household detergents, batteries, bleach etc are not kept away from the dog’s reach as they can be toxic if consumed. Even seemingly harmless foods like fruits may prove to be dangerous for your dog because the seeds in most fruits are poisonous to dogs and may bring about excessive dog drooling, lethargy and even vomiting. Dog food safety at home should be maintained by storing the dog food in air tight containers away from ants, flies and rodents who could contaminate it. Similarly the dog’s feeding bowls should be made of materials like metal or ceramic rather than plastic since plastic if not washed properly harbors bacteria which could enter the dog’s system via the food. Dogs are generally playful and inquisitive by nature; hence household objects like loose wires may be deemed as a play thing by them and could end up giving them a serious electrical jolt if chewed. Hence electrical cords should be tied securely and taped to the wall if necessary.

Chewing on wires by the dog can be discouraged by spraying the wires with some bitter apple spray or any other unpleasant tasting flavor. Similarly medications prescribed for humans may cause long term harm if consumed by dogs.

High Quality Dog Food | Natural Healthy Foods for Dogs

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High Quality Foods for Dogs

Good quality food is always the most important factor in good health. The same applies for dogs as well. A dog fed with healthy dog food is likely to be in a much better condition and perhaps may even live longer than a dog that is not fed properly. Animals including humans need a whole range of foods to nourish their bodies. A healthy diet must contain a balance of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins and dietary fiber. Eating food that misses any one of these vital food groups is not recommended. Many brands will advertise high quality dog food but the reality, as with humans, is that natural food is required and is better than processed food.

Dogs that are fed solely on dog food tend to not be completely healthy. This is because processed foods tend to have a fixed amount of certain vitamins and minerals in them. While this works in a laboratory, a dog’s digestive system is changing every day. Food requirement for the dog depends on the way the dog has spent the day. A natural diet offers some variability in nutrition. On some days, the diet may have more meat in it, while on some days it might have a few vegetables included.  This variability is ideal for dog health. This is why a dog that is fed with dog food can be healthy if it also feeds on scraps from the table. Owners tend to indulge their dogs with such scraps like bones from meat. This inadvertently gives the dog a good amount of its nutrition that it requires.

Dogs tend to thrive on a meat based diet. Many veterinarians suggest poultry as the best kind of meat for a dog. One can occasionally give your dog other types of meat both to avoid boredom and to offer different nutrition. Quality dog food is available in the market but this should not be the end of your diet for the dog. The best way to judge how you are feeding your dog is by the way your dog is behaving and responding to you. A dog that is well fed is likely to be healthy, have a good coat and skin condition, be energetic and appear to be happy. Good nutrition also requires plenty of water and water bowl with clean fresh water should be kept near the dog’s reach so that your dog is well hydrated.

Nutritional Dog Food | Nutrition for Canine Dog | Nutrients for Healthy Dog

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Nutrition for Dogs

The best food for your dog is a proper diet that suits the nutritional requirements of dog.  Dogs are naturally omnivores, and while they may survive on a strict vegetarian diet, they will not thrive on it. When determining the nutrition for your dog, keep in mind that dogs need animal protein to remain strong and healthy.The best dog food includes meat, whole grains, and vegetables. Meat such as chicken, turkey, and beef lamb are good for your dog. You should also give your dog digestible carbohydrates, which can be found in potatoes and rice. Generally, commercially available dog food contains animal parts that cannot be used for human consumption like bones, fatty tissues, etc. Moreover, many food companies use artificial preservatives that are very harmful for the health of dog. Thus, it is always better to provide your dog with a natural dog diet.

If you give your dog canned food to the dog,you should mix it with dry dog food. Change the brands of canned food periodically as this will help overcome the deficiency of different food brands. Look for region specific certification. For example,in USA, AAFCO(Association of American Feed Control Officials) certify pet foods. Also, check the nutritional adequacy statement on the label. These labels serve as an important source of information on how to feed your dog and about the nutritional value and the quality of the product. There are also special varieties of canned foods available for dogs allergic to certain ingredients such as chicken and corn. These foods contain substitutes of these ingredients. There are also tailored foods available for dogs with infections or diseases or dogs that have special dietary needs.
For dogs, choose foods that contain meat as their top ingredient. But keep in mind that meat is high in phosphorus and low in calcium, so too much of meat for a long period is also not good for your dog’s health. While choosing foods for your dog, see if they are meat based or grain based? Meat based foods are a better choice.Also, rice and barley are better than corn and wheat. Each dog has individual nutritional requirements, depending on their metabolism and physical activity. While grain can be a long term source of energy for dogs and it helps boast the protein percentage of the food,the lesser the grain, the better it is.
Similar to dog foods, nutritional cat food is also available in the market. It is always better to know more about the nutritional requirements of your pet, be it dogs or cats, and then buy the appropriate food. However, natural foods are always better.

Safe Dog Food | Healthy Recommended Diet for Dog Health Care

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Best Food for Dogs

It is very important to give your pet safe dog food. You must also be very careful while selecting dog food and should keep away from toxic dog foods or foods that have toxic elements. Check with your vet and read up to find out about poisonous foods for dogs and then make sure that by mistake you don’t add any of these foods to your dog’s meals.

You must pick up packaged pet food that has animal protein. You must check the ingredient list and the things in the food are listed in the descending order. The first few ingredients must also be some kind of animal protein like turkey, beef, chicken or lamb. These early ingredients should not be animal by-products, grain, wheat or vegetables. Also check for the expiration date on the bag or can of dog food. The website of the company as well as a phone number should be listed on the packet. It is advisable to buy pet food that have natural preservatives such as vitamin E or vitamin C. you must try to stay away from chemical preservatives. Do not buy pet food that has unidentified meat. The package has to specify the kind of protein. The package of dog food should not have controversial preservatives like propolyneglycol, BHA, ethoxyquine and BHT. Also, dog food should not have any kind of wheat gluten and wheat.

More tips: Here are more tips to ensure that you are buying safe dog food.

Be very particular about the source of protein. Dogs are carnivores and need meat. So do pick up dog food that has animal-based protein. You must also find out about the source of fat. Some amount of fat is necessary for healthy skin and a glossy coat. It is important for the fat to be meat based. Important fatty acids for dogs include omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Corn and chicken fat have omega-6 fatty acids and these are important for maintaining the membrane structure, and the skin and coat. Fish oil has omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for decreasing inflammation and for blood clotting.

You must also find out the source of carbohydrates. Dogs need minimal carbohydrates and actually they should not have grain in their meals. But, we do give our pets grains. However, do make sure that you avoid soy, wheat and corn as these have poor protein and can cause kidney damage in the long run. Dog food should have some amount of fruits and vegetables.

Top 5 Healthy, Natural Dog Food | Best Diet for Dogs

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Top 5 Dog Foods

When preparing a dog food or buying one, the owner should take into account the age of the dog. A puppy’s diet and an adult dog’s diet are very different. Also dog’s that suffer from diseases and illnesses need a different diet as compared to the healthier dog. Thus all these factors have to be noted when getting a dog’s meal ready.  There are various dog food options now available. One can get tinned dog food available easily in the markets or in most stores. One can also avail of organic food as an option for their dog or one can try homemade food or natural food as another healthy option. Thus all these dog foods including vegetarian dog foods are available as options to most owners.

Natural dog food and organic dog food are both individually termed as forms of healthy dog food. Natural dog food is known to provide one’s dog with plenty of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Some of the best benefits of natural dog food include helping to prevent or also helping to reduce risks which are associated with any dog eating food which may contain some toxins or some other contaminants. This is largely found in the tinned and the commercially available dog foods. Natural dog foods also work out to be a lot cheaper than tinned foods or organic foods. One can buy the basic ingredients that go into making dog food in bulk and thus further save on cost.  For example whole grains, cereals and staples can be purchased in bulk. These diets are gaining popularity day by day. These diets are now being made available to the public in prepackaged varieties.

The advantages in using foods like organic dog food or natural dog food, or vegetarian homemade dog food is that they are less likely to be allergy causing. They also lead to less food sensitivities among one’s pet. Homemade, natural foods and organic foods do not contain any preservatives or any additives and are thus less harmful for the dog. Whereas tinned foods or any commercially available foods can contain contaminants and toxins which are harmful for the dog. One can now get foods that are arthritis reducing, that cater to the needs of puppies or cater to the older dog. One can even get food for a pregnant dog now. Thus with all the varieties and options now available owners can make an educated decision on what is the best food for one’s pet.

Natural Dog Food Benefits | Homemade Diet Benefits for Dogs

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Natural Dog Diet Advantage

There are various dog food options in the modern world. Some of these include tinned dog food, organic dog food, natural dog food, homemade dog food etc. Natural dog food is known to provide the dog with plenty of nutrients and vitamins. Some of the main benefits of natural dog food include helping to prevent or even reduce risks that are associated with a dog eating food that may contain toxins or other contaminants. This is mainly found in tinned and commercially available dog foods. Natural dog foods also work out to be a lot cheaper than tinned foods or organic foods. One can buy the basic ingredients that go into making dog food in bulk and thus further save on cost.  For example whole grains, cereals and staples can be purchased in bulk.

A natural dog diet may also end up providing the dog with more vitamins and nutrients. They also contain no preservatives and no additives thus giving the dog plenty of good vitamins and reducing the dog’s chances of becoming obese. Homemade natural dog foods are also less likely to cause the dog any allergies or any sensitivity. This is more prevalent among commercially available dog foods.

When making natural home food owners should use plenty of natural and fresh ingredients. They should also ensure that each meal is a well balanced meal that is providing the dog with all the nutrients it needs. The diet should contain protein and plenty of carbohydrates. Protein can be got from foods like ground beef, Atlantic salmon, lamb chop, chicken breast that is skinless, whole egg, tofu, cottage cheese etc.

Carbohydrates can be found in pasta, rice, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, couscous, oats, dry tapioca, brown rice etc. When adding vegetables to a dog’s diet the owner should be aware that not all the greens may be good for one’s dog. The good vegetables include broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, zucchini etc. The darker the vegetable the better it is. They are more likely to contain extra nutrients. All vegetables should be finely processed before they are added to any dog food preparation. This is primarily because the bigger pieces may end up being hard to digest. Avoid giving the dog any raw food or any unclean food as this lead to some diseases. Eggs are a good source of protein and should be given in a cooked form to the dog.

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