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Bunny Care and Food | Tips and Basics | Newborn Bunny Care Guide

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Adopting a bunny for a pet is hard work and requires commitment. It involves an initial for food, shelter and inoculations. You also need to get your house for a bunny including cordoning an area where it can be by itself, if it wants to.

Bunny Care

At the same time, the bunny should be able to social and mingle whenever it wants. Bunny care and baby bunny care include tips and basics that you can remember. The bunny needs social interaction and exercise, along with good healthy food to keep it happy. A good idea for the bunny to intellectually challenged and stimulated is building a cardboard castle, with old books and paper around the house and toilet rolls.

Prepare to give the bunnies litter box training. The can be trained and it is important that you persevere. You also need to make sure you give bunnies the correct food and stick to the nutritional profile. Hay and some vegetables along with fruits for treats is the preferred diet.

Newborn Bunny Care Guide

The bunny care guide helps you with pet bunny and newborn bunny care. Baby bunnies largely feed from the mother. And within a few weeks are ready to eat hay and other permitted foods. Socializing your rabbit with other humans and other rabbits is also important. How well each rabbit takes to it depends on your rabbit’s personality. You have to learn to decipher its noises, like thumping for annoyance, gentle grinding of teeth for contentment or loud grinding to indicate discomfort. Rabbits are also known for blinking and even licking your feet. You need to observe and decide what your rabbit’s personality is. You have to let your rabbit approach you. They are not as carefree as dogs or cats. That is also the reason that if anything goes wrong with its health, it will not make it apparent as it would not want any weaknesses to be perceived.

If you have a dwarf bunny or a lionhead bunny, you have a specialized pet. Dwarf bunnies are the third most popular kind of pet. They are tiny and quite cuddly. They are usually bred and bought in pairs who are inseparable and can keep each other busy and entertained.

The lionhead bunny is a new bunny breed to be introduced in America and the evolution of that breed is still being studied. It is known for its mane and longer coat. This breed is developing a reputation for a show rabbit.