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Best Food for Dog | Natural Homemade, Raw, Commercial Dog Food

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Best Dog Food:

Once you get a dog, the next most important thing is to decide on the kind of food that you need to give your dog. Choosing the kind of food that you feed your dog is an extremely important decision since the kind of nutrition the dog receives is closely connected to the overall health and the behavior of the dog.

These days, choosing the right kind of food for your dog is especially important because of the multitude of commercially made dog foods available in the market. It has recently come to light that many of the producers of dog food use low quality raw material. It has also been found that instead of the nutritionally balanced meals that most of these manufacturers and marketers promise, the commercially produced merchandise contains high levels of chemicals and preservatives.

Commercially available dog food typically portrays it as natural, wholesome, organic, holistic and healthy. A dog does not require very complex food. To ensure the longevity and the vitality of your pet dog, it is essential that your dog gets food which is in fact healthy.

Here are some of the commonly available dog food types that you can choose from.

  • Commercial dog food: This is the commercially made, packaged food that is available in the market. This kind of food is available in stores and with veterinarians. There are several forms in which this food is available. There are dry, semi-dry and wet kinds of processed food. However, recent reports have shown that commercially available dog food is not very healthy.
  • Raw dog food: This is food that is pre packaged, but hundred percent natural. It consists of raw meat and other raw food which are suitable for consumption by dogs.
  • Homemade food for dog: This type of dog food is made completely at home. There are several recipes for home-made dog food. You can discuss these recipes with your vet. Your vet may also suggest the types of food that you can feed your dog. Since you are making the food at home, using fresh ingredients and avoiding any chemicals, it will be completely natural and healthy. You can also periodically change the kind of ingredients you use so that your dog has variety in its meals.

The type of food that you want to feed your dog depends entirely on you. However, be careful while choosing your dog’s food because your pet’s health depends on it.