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Dog Bloat Symptoms, Treatment and Cure | Surgery | Dog Bloat Diarrhea

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Dog bloat is a very serious health risk and should be treated immediately as soon as it is observed in dogs. It has been seen that dog bloat causes nearly as many deaths as cancer. Dogs that have deep chests are especially at risk of developing this fatal condition. Some of the breeds that are more susceptible than others include Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Doberman Pinschers. Dog bloats can kill dogs very quickly, and therefore, the dog should be taken to a doctor immediately. There are many cases where bloating in dogs may be completely harmless, but since it can be potentially fatal, it is best if you do not wait.

Dog Bloat Symptoms and Diarrhea

Dog bloat is known as gastric dilatation volvulus. In most cases, bloating in dogs is related to excessive swallowing of air. Abnormal accumulation of fluids, air, foam, or foods in the stomach can cause bloating. Stress is another major contributing factor in cases of dog bloat. Dog bloat symptoms are extremely characteristic. These include twisting of stomach, appearance of bulging and bloated chest and belly, and diarrhea. Dog bloat diarrhea is usually the earliest of symptoms. It is only after the dog begins to experience vomiting and diarrhea that the stomach begins to swell up. The dog may not act like its usual self, may be seen trying to vomit unsuccessfully, may show restlessness and anxiety, may emit funny gurgling sounds from the stomach, and may begin to avoid eating food. Other dog bloat symptoms include pale gums, whining, heavy drooling, and pacing. The dog may drink excessively, may only be able to stand spread legged, may have heavy panting, and may refuse to lie down or even sit.

Dog Bloat Surgery and Treatment

As the stomach swells, it often twists and traps air as well. The veins in the abdomen can often get entwisted with the stomach, therefore causing low blood pressure and severe damage to other neighboring organs. The pain and the shock of the twisted stomach is often enough to kill a dog. Dog bloat treatment should be received as soon as the first symptoms begin to appear. If the stomach has become twisted, dog bloat surgery may have to be performed. Dog bloat cure may be sought by using antacids and gas relieving medications. However, these are not substitutes for veterinary care.

You, as a dog owner, can help prevent dog bloat by avoiding stressful situations for the dog. Minimize stress as much as possible and do not let your dog eat very rapidly. Also, instead of giving one large meal to your dog, give several smaller ones.