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Dog Colitis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | Medicine | Diet For Dog Colitis

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Colitis is condition in which the colon becomes inflamed. Dog colitis is very similar to colitis in humans, and in this condition, the large intestine, especially its lower part, gets inflamed. There are mainly two types of colitis. There is acute colitis and the other is chronic colitis. In acute colitis, the inflammation of the intestine occurs in a short duration and has a sudden onset. On the other hand, in chronic colitis, the onset is slow and the inflammation is caused due to an underlying condition.

There are some dogs that are especially susceptible to colitis. These are poodles, boxers, schnauzers, and Great Danes. The exact cause of this is not known. Fortunately, dog colitis, both chronic and acute, can be completely treated. They also do not pose any great risk to the health of the dog suffering from them.

What is Dog Colitis?

Dog colitis is most common in boxers. This is because their anatomy is such. Colitis is a condition in which your dog may continue to behave normally, even when the dog is unwell. The dog may have streaks of blood and mucus in their feces. This is usually the first and only sign of colitis in dogs. If the dog remains untreated, it may keep losing weight. It also becomes lethargic and shows poor appetite. Fever and persistent abdominal pain are usually the second most significant symptoms in dogs that have colitis.

Dog Colitis Causes and Symptoms

Dog colitis does not always come with symptoms. Dog colitis symptoms, though distinct, are quite rare. Most dogs that are suffering from this condition will continue to behave normally until the condition becomes very severe. Dog colitis causes include spasms in the colon, parasites, bacteria and food allergies.

Stress, parasites, sudden changes in diet and dietary indiscretion are usually behind chronic colitis. Though dog colitis does not pose a great threat to the dog’s health, it can make the dog malnourished. In case there is deep ulceration in the stomach, the situation becomes extremely serious.

Dog Colitis Treatment, Medicine and Diet

To diagnose colitis in dogs, the vet will perform a rectal exam. Dog colitis natural treatment is preferred by a lot of pet owners, but according to the diagnosis given by the doctor, more conventional dog colitis medicine may be prescribed. If there is deep ulceration in the colon, the situation becomes very serious. In such a case, dog colitis treatment may require amputation of part of the large intestines. Dog colitis diet may include a variety of bland foods which do not irritate the large intestines.