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Household Dangers for Pets | Dog, Cat Safety at Home

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Household Dangers for Dogs, Cats

There are many dangers around the household that our pets can encounter. Imagine if your pet drinks from the toilet where you have used self cleaning chemicals! There are unending hazards that the pet could experience. Keeping your pets away from all sorts of household chemicals and other household dangers is a responsibility that few pet owners really understand. Just like you would baby proof a house when you have a small baby crawling around, you also have to take care that your pet doesn’t accidentally electrocute itself, get injured, or swallow poisonous chemicals. Here are some common household dangers for pets which can easily be subverted.

  • Shredders: These machines can be especially dangerous if you have small pets around the house. When shredders are not in use, they should ideally be turned off so that their automatic feed buttons cannot be pressed accidentally. The shredding teeth are very sharp and if a small pet nestles near the warm motor, the fur could get caught in the teeth and tear off from the body. When you are not using a shredder, either switch it off or completely unplug it.
  • Washers and Dryers: Always keep the lid of any washers and dryers closed so that your pet may not accidentally fall into it. Washers and dryers present one of the biggest household dangers to pets. When your washing machines and dryers are not in use, make sure that they are turned off and that their lids are closed.
  • Wire Crates: Wire crates are commonly found in households. However, a pet who is playing within the crate may accidentally get caught in the bars. If the wire is meshed close, a dog tag or a collar may get caught into the mesh and the pet may get suffocated. Do not keep any wire crates strewn around your house unattended. If you keep your pet in a crate, make sure that you remove the collars and tags before you put the animal in.
  • Power Outlets and loose wires: One of the biggest household dangers for dogs and cats are loose live wires and power outlets. Power outlets which are within reach of your pets should be covered using safety covers. This ensures that your pet does not electrocute itself. If you have any loose wires around the house, they should be removed or clipped and sheathed so that they are no longer dangerous.
  • Chemicals: Household cleaning chemicals, detergents, antifreeze, and other such chemical products that you keep in a closet or your garage, should always be kept away from the reach of your pets. These pose grave household dangers for cats and dogs. If your pet accidentally swallows these chemicals, it could lead to poisoning and eventual death of the pet. It is therefore important to be extremely careful.
  • Cat and dog safety at home is in your hands. Make sure that your house is a safe place for your pets to roam around freely.