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Field Spaniel Dog Breeders and Training | Temperament, Grooming and Rescue

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The field spaniel is a type of spaniel dog, with the typical spaniel appearance. The dog has a long body, long floppy ears, and lots of fur. This medium-sized dog was originally developed in the late nineteenth century as a show dog. These black colored dogs, with their shining coat, look rather alluring when they are enjoying any kind of physical activity.

Field Spaniel Dog

Since they were typically designed as show dogs, they were not popular as working or hunting dogs. They also have longer legs than the typical spaniel does. Though the field spaniel was very popular in the earlier days, it has become a rare breed now. In the middle of the twentieth century, they were redeveloped with longer legs and a larger body than the typical spaniels. This made them a little more suitable for work, and therefore, the name field spaniel stuck with them.

The field spaniel is a native American breed and is listed as vulnerable due to the fast decreasing numbers. As compared to the other spaniels, they have a lighter coat and have no undercoat at all. They usually come in solid colors, and it is rare to find a field spaniel that has multiple colorings or markings on the body. Apart from being average work dogs, they also make good family companions.

Field Spaniel Breeders and Training

Field spaniel breeders breed in traits of working dogs to make them more useful. As a result, they need some kind of activity to keep them engaged, or they may become bored and destructive. They are patient and gentle with children and therefore, make good family dogs. However, they cannot be left alone without any work as this may cause them to get depressed. Field spaniel training, right from when they are puppies, can help improve temperament a little.

Field Spaniel Temperament, Grooming and Rescue

The field spaniel grooming needs to be regular, owing to the long coat. Field spaniel rescue activities have improved the numbers of these dogs; however, the dog is still considered largely vulnerable. The field spaniel puppy can be trained to hunt and work in the fields to catch rodents and vermin. Field spaniel temperament is gentle and patient, making it a good household dog, when it is kept engaged with some activity.

The English field spaniel, from which the native American field spaniel has been developed, has continued to remain popular, unlike its American cousin. Black field spaniel dogs are usually most common in America.A lot of field spaniel information is available with the Kennel Club as it is listed as a vulnerable species.