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Dog Food Protein Requirement, Level | Dog Protein Needs

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Dog Food Protein

Dog food protein is an important factor that dog owners should take into consideration while formulating your pet’s diet. Different types of dog food may contain different kinds and levels of protein. It is important to take a few factors into consideration before deciding on introducing a protein rich diet for your pet. Firstly, take your dog to his/her veterinarian to ensure that there is no medical condition that needs to be taken into account while assessing your dog’s protein needs. Every dog’s protein needs are different and are dependent upon various factors like age, medical history and lifestyle. In addition, it is important to ensure that your dog eats the right kind of protein in a protein rich diet. This means that you should read dog food labels carefully to ensure that its protein content is easily digestible for your dog. Dog food that contains beef, chicken, fish, poultry and lamb are easily digestible sources of protein for your dog. In addition, ingredients prepared from meat like fish meal, bone meal, meat meal, poultry and animal by-products are also good sources of protein for your dog.

Dog food protein should not be your only consideration for the healthy dog diet, because your dog needs other nutrients as well. Therefore, in addition to dog food protein, ensure that your dog is supplied an adequate amount of carbohydrates, lipids, phosphorus, calcium and fat to keep him/her healthy. Dog food protein can be classified as low protein dog food and high protein dog food. These foods are available in both dry and canned varieties and are normally prescribed for very specific reasons. It is important to make a switch to high protein dog food or low protein dog food only after consulting your veterinarian. These two kinds of dog food contain different sources of protein and thus offer different levels of protein. You should decide what is most suitable for your dog after taking his/her health and age into account. For instance, puppies require high protein dog food, as do dogs that are pregnant or lactating. Low protein dog food is normally recommended to dogs that are undergoing specific health problems. Normally, diseases related to the renal system require dogs to be on a low protein diet. Exercise caution while choosing a high protein diet for your pet to ensure that the sources of protein are usable and easily digestible by your pet.