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Diet for Pets:

For all of you who are proud owners of a pet, the joy and deep emotional connection that you share with your faithful friend is something that can not be described. They also bring out the protective and parental instincts in us, with almost every owner of a pet wishing to provide his or her companion with the best possible life. This does bring with it tremendous responsibility, because as the care giver the pet is dependent on you not just for everyday care and maintenance or feeding, but also when dealing with any problems or threats, whether direct or indirect. To fulfill these responsibilities you need to be aware of the various pet health issues and concerns that could crop up. It’s not as grim as it seems, and there can be a lot of pleasure and joy to be got from caring for an animal.

There is a vast amount of pet health information that is easily accessible online and even in encyclopedias and journals, at book stores or libraries. There are also educational dvds and cds on the subject. Although the internet can be a treasure trove for researchers it does have some serious pitfalls as it becomes hard for the untrained eye to sift through the info and decipher which has any merit to it. Your local veterinarian or animal shelter is therefore the best source of pet health info. Pets can be afflicted with a variety of health conditions, parasitic or other infections and various diseases. Many of these are easily avertable or treatable at home itself, and could include problems like obesity, fleas, poor skin, a dull coat of fur, among other problems.

Another very important area of concern is your pet’s diet, and this is one aspect that is generally neglected. Foods of convenience are not always the best choice, as a lot of the commercially sold pet foods are not best suited for regular consumption. Many of these products contain artificial flavors and food preservatives that pose a health risk to your pet. This is particularly true of most of the foods available for cats and dogs. Your local veterinarian would be able to provide you with more info on dietary choices. Home prepared foods are however the best bet. Exercise is another aspect of pet health care that goes hand in hand with the diet. Make sure that your pets are active and get adequate opportunity and stimulation to play and exert themselves.

Vaccinations against common diseases like rabies, or viral and bacterial infections are also necessary, and regular visits to the vet would be necessary.