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Dog Menstruation Symptoms | Heat Cycle | Symptoms of Female Dog Menstruation

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Dog Menstruation Symptoms

The estrous cycle is the time when female dogs are in heat, and have a high possibility of getting pregnant if they have mated. The estrous cycle is the fertile two or three days of the period of heat in the female dog, and the owner must learn to recognize this brief period if he is serious about the dogs’ breeding. During the first part of the estrous cycle there will be a noticeable increase in the dogs’ urination, and the vulva will swell up. In smaller dogs this is less noticeable and requires greater attention and perception from the owner. A second symptom is a continuous discharge of blood from the vagina.  It is a common and natural occurrence for a dog when it is in heat and nothing to be alarmed about. Even if you miss these 2 symptoms, the third one will be right on target. All male dogs in the vicinity will pick up the scent given off by the dog in heat, and they will then try to remain as close as possible. If you don’t want her to get pregnant don’t let her out of the house or out of your sight, as she may mate with a stray dog which would increase her risk of suffering from infections.

The duration of the heat cycle is around 90 days, and the dog goes through the cycle once approximately every seven months.  Her progesterone levels will indicate if she is pregnant, so you can keep a check.  Heat symptoms of the female dog should be monitored regularly, besides proper health and correct training are necessary for your dogs’ welfare. While there are many genuine healthy dog products in the market, there are also a lot of products that could pose a threat to your dog, so make sure you do your research before making a choice. If your dog has not been spayed and has been allowed outdoors there is even the possibility that she may have mated and be pregnant without you even knowing it. When she is ready to deliver, she may display late pregnancy symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of dog menstruation. In case the dog has puppies, stay calm as it is vital that you do not distress her about their safety.  You must ensure that your dog accepts your presence around, and close to the litter.  Let your dog know that you are there to help and protect her during this time. If the dog begins to behave aggressively, you must study her behavior and try to understand the cause for this change.