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Dog Sickness Remedies | Sick Dog Natural Treatment, Remedy, Prevention

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Dog Sickness Remedies

Just as we do, our pets can also fall sick. Luckily, there are many home remedies for sick dogs that can help them get healthy in no time. While it is important to consult a vet regarding the sickness of a dog, you can try some simple dog sickness remedies for non-threatening and common conditions.

Dog sickness natural remedies are often better than medication, since medicines almost always have some side effects or the other. Do keep in mind however that dog sickness remedies should simply be used as a means of temporary relief and to treat minor non threatening conditions. Make sure you get your dog to a vet for a thorough diagnosis to rule out anything more serious. Here are some of the most popular dog sickness remedies:

  • Papaya fruit is one of the most highly regarded ingredients for dog sickness treatments. Papaya fruit can increase the immunity for dogs that are convalescing. The papaya fruit it full of nutrients which can help boost the immunity of the dog and therefore is also a powerful dog sickness prevention ingredient.
  • If you feel that your dog is appearing dull and has very lethargic movements, it is possible that the dog may not be well. Try to feed the dog and if the dog does not seem to be interested in eating anything, you can give it two cloves of garlic. If the dog is not eating the garlic, crush the garlic and hide it in a treat that your dog likes to make sure that it eats the garlic cloves.
  • If your dog has diarrhea or is vomiting, it may not eat anything. Give the dog lots of fluids to drink and make sure that it remains hydrated. In case the dog has constipation, give it warm water so that the stools may soften and the dog may once again begin to pass stools normally.
  • Dog treatment for anemia include consumption of bilberry, elderberry and blackberry. Dates and black grapes are also excellent supplements and should be provided to the dog along with the routine food. All of these are rich in iron and can improve the production of red blood cells in the dog. Read more on sick dog care
  • For a dog, with incessant coughing and nasal discharge, a mixture of lukewarm water with lime juice, serves as an excellent remedy. After drinking this solution, the dog will feel less congested. Continue giving this solution to your dog until the congestion has completely cleared.
  • One of the oldest sick dog remedies in China is a mixture of mung beans and boiled spinach. If your dog is not keeping well, and is lethargic and weak, feeding it a mixture of spinach and mung beans can help improve the dog’s condition.